SnowHub is a modern application to facilitate
the development operations for Snowflake Computing
SnowHub is a Beta application and it is being developed by BRF Consulting, an official Snowflake partner with expertise on BI, Big Data and Software Development. For questions or suggestions about our product please email us at
Connects to Snowflake instance

  • Account name.

  • Cloud Plataform: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Microsoft Azure.

  • Region.

  • Instance URL (automatically filled up).

  • Username and Password.

  • Click on the Test Connection, if sucessful click on Save Configurations. SnowHub doesn't persist this information, you will need to inform the connectivity every time you connect to the application.
SnowHub currently supports GitHub OAUTH Authentication

  • To connect inform your user and select the organization and repository.

  • You can also click on Revoke repository to inform your GitHub credentials again.

Snowflake to GitHub

  • Select the Role, Database and Schema with the desired objects. You can also filter out the objects by object type or by name.

  • Select the Branch you want to export the DDLand click on Push to generate the code directly into GitHub.

  • You can also create a new branch clicking on the plus sign near the branches listbox.

  • When creating a new branch you can select which branch you want to copy the code from.
GitHub to Snowflake

  • Select the Branch with the DDLs.

  • Select the Snwoflake schema. If you choose "SELECT SCHEMA FROM GIT". SnowHub will either create a target schema or simply add new objects to the existing Snowflake schema.

  • SnowHub does not replace any existing data.

  • There are objects such as Materialized Views which have dependencies on other objects. If the object doesn't appear on the first run you should run this process several times to get all of the objects created on Snowflake.
Who is behind SnowHub ?
# Creator

SnowHub was developed by BRF Consulting, a company with expertise on Software Development and Data Warehousing.
# Partner

BRF Consulting is an official partner of Snowflake Computing